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Our history is rich, our future is promising...


Providing a faith-filled learning community infused with Gospel values and Catholic tradition, we prepare students to succeed in future academic endeavors and to witness their Christian faith in their families, community and world.


Holy Rosary will be recognized as a school that guides students to live the Gospel in the tradition of the Church and whose actions reflect Christian values and academic excellence in a rapidly changing society.


In the spirit of faith, hope and love we embrace:

  • The courage to speak the truth

  • The fortitude to act with compassion

  • The determination to pursue success



Holy Rosary School's roots are strong. Holy Rosary School got its start in 1871, under the leadership of Father George Brunner. Father Brunner was the administrator and educator during the first year of existence. In 1872, two sisters from the Notre Dame convent in Milwaukee arrive to teach. In 1903, The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity for Manitowoc arrived to teach the students of Holy Rosary School. In 1911, a new school building was erected at a cost of $8,995, and the Sisters resided in the second story of the school. In 1951, to adequately serve the number of students enrolled, a school addition including a gymnasium was erected. By 1963, the school's enrollment was 415 students.

In 1987, under the leadership of Fr. Dewane, the Holy Rosary Endowment fund was established to support Catholic Education. Some of the improvements included establishing a Child Care and installing a new roof on the 1951 school building. Fr. Dewane formed a committee in 1997 that decided the 1911 school building should be demolished and replaced with a modern school facility. The new building was completed in 1999, and was formally dedicated on

May 22, 1999.

In 2014, under the leadership of Deacon Chuck Agnew, a commitment was made to to move forward with a financially stable school with a solid future for generations to come. In 2018, the 4K Program was expanded to a Full-Day Program and the school began participating in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program. In order to meet the needs of its students during the recent Pandemic, Holy Rosary School made technology upgrades a priority.


Holy Rosary Catholic School lives out its mission on a daily basis. The school as two regular classrooms (4K and Kindergarten) and four multi-age classrooms (1st & 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 5th & 6th, 7th & 8th). We look forward to educating the whole child, integrating faith into each subject, sharing our message with more families in the community, and continuing our strong tradition for future generations to come.

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