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Holy Rosary School in Kewaunee offers full or half day 4K in small group sizes for optimal learning. Kindergarten is an all day program. Read on to learn more about what Holy Rosary has to offer for our 4K & Kindergarten Programs! Onsite before and after school child care available.


Language Arts

Language activities are a priority in 4K and Kindergarten. Our students become fluent, confident readers in a language-rich environment through the use of literature, Big Books, poems, Leveled Readers, and an array of other materials and activities.

Reading & Phonics

The special language of the printed word is best introduced to children by reading aloud to them from a variety of sources. The desire to read is nurtured and increased when the children see the necessity and joy of reading. Reading should be fun!

In addition, our students receive instruction in phonemic awareness and phonics. Each day, activities are presented that assist young children in understanding the relationship between letters and sounds. Eventually, children will utilize reading strategies to decode new words and become readers themselves.



Our writing program builds on what each child already knows. Writing progresses from scribbles and lines, to random strings of letters, to words and spaces, and eventually onto sentences. You may hear these terms in school during the year "kid writing", "inventive writing", or "phonetic writing". The students are introduced to many types of writing - stories, letters, lists, recipes, and poems.


The math program involves children in a variety of activities that create a foundation for mathematical understandings. Children manipulate materials such as pattern blocks, unifix cubes, and counters. Children discover the world of math through sorting, classifying, patterning, measuring, graphing, and estimating. They gain a solid sense of numbers and begin simple addition and subtraction.


Social Studies & Science

In social studies and science children learn about themselves, others, and the surrounding world. Real objects, pictures, books, graphs, and field trips are used to provide opportunities to explore, observe, compare, and experiment. Children learn about the seasons, holidays & celebrations, animals, plants, and their five senses.


The religion program stresses Christian values and attitudes in interacting with others. The focus is on the wonder of all of God's creation and gifts: peoples, places, and things. Children explore the importance of God, self, and others.


Choice Time

During Choice Time, children choose activities that are of most interest to them. They determine where they will spend their time and what they will be doing during this active period. Children work cooperatively and independently, share materials, and demonstrate responsibility and decision making skills as the expand their imaginations and begin to think critically.


In music class children begin to discriminate between ordinary noises and sounds heard in everyday life. Listening to sound with discrimination is the first step in discovering one's musical talent. Children begin to develop the many facets of their voices and a sense of rhythm and pitch through movement, song, and the use of basic musical instruments. A multi-cultural aspect is introduced by listening to, singing, and being introduced to instruments from around the world.


Physical Education

In physical education, children concentrate on the loco-motor skills of running, skipping, jumping, hopping, leaping, and galloping. Ball skills such as catching, throwing, dribbling, kicking, and striking are developed to complement loco-motor skills. Listening, following directions, cooperation, and the encouragement of good sportsmanship are also developed and encouraged as life skills.

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