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Holy Rosary School in Kewaunee offers a well rounded education to our elementary and middle school students. With small class sizes, students receive a full academic curriculum that includes Reaching, Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Religion.


Language Arts & Reading

Our Elementary & Middle school students receive the foundation needed in Language Arts & Reading to develop critical thinking skills. Students are involved in groups and also encouraged to build a strong independence in all subjects.

Science & Math

The science curriculum at Holy Rosary School takes a hands on approach to learning. Throughout elementary and middle school, students will learn about the periodic table, chemical reactions, motion, temperature, magnetism, and more. In Math, our students students can do hands on learning in geometry, algebra and probability and statistics.


Social Studies & History

Middle and Elementary students students are ready to deepen their understanding of the Earth and its peoples through the study of history, geography, politics, culture, and economic systems. Our students are able to participate in many interactive lessons throughout the year that help them learn important information about our history.


Holy Rosary School uses technology in the classrooms to teach students the critical skills needed in todays technology-driven world. Children learn how to use new technologies and software that is suitable to the subject they are focusing on. 



Holy Rosary students learn how to put their Christian values to work for the good of the parish community.  Students are encouraged to participate in the parish through several age-appropriate activities such as the children's choir, altar serving, and several charitable service opportunities to help serve the parish.

Art Appreciation

Art activities are an important part of our early childhood program as well as elementary classes.  Art provides our students with the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings.  Arts lessons are often integrated into other curricular areas such as book making and creative writing.


Music & Band

Music education has many benefits.  A few of those include the development of: language and reasoning skills, a sense of teamwork, self-confidence, and achievement.  Students at Holy Rosary participate in music classes twice a week and participate in a choir beginning in first grade. In fifth grade and beyond, students have the opportunity to take instrumental lessons.

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