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Music and Choir


Musically talented group which has been leading us in worship since 1988. Their music will keep you humming all day long!


Cantors and Instrumentalists

Looking for musically talented individuals who can play an instrument or lead our congregation in worship, please call Liz Melotte at 255-3868.


Children’s Choir

Welcome to every kid in Holy Rosary Parish from 1st grade through 8th grade! Practices are once a week for 30 minutes from October through April. We greatly enjoyed the Children’s Choir at four Masses last year and are looking forward to this upcoming year. Please call Doc Zenner 388-4160 to join.


Festival Choir

A four-part chorus that is open to any interested parish member, high school age and up.  The choir practices every Thursday evening at 5:30pm in the choir loft and sings as scheduled.  We gladly welcome new members and take plenty of time to learn new music, so even members who don’t “read” music, can join in!  Don’t sing but play a musical instrument?  We’d like to include you as well. Please call Liz Melotte 255-3868 at to join!


Funeral Choir

This choir consists of parishioners and members of neighboring parishes who perform the very important ministry of providing the music for funerals.  It is open to anyone who desires to join. Please call Donna in the parish office at 388-2285 for more information.


Mary and the Volunteers

Singers and musicians of all ages are welcome to join this newer choir which sings at the first Saturday Mass each month. Please call Jim Walecka at 388-2285 for more information.

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