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Holy Rosary Trivia


1. The first Mass was celebrated in Kewaunee on Nov 1, 1674 by


                                    Bishop Bona     Fr. Marquette     Fr. Schmitt    Bishop Wycislo


2. Horses used to drink from the springs that flowed out of the hill on Ellis Street.           

    True    or    False


3. The original Holy Rosary School was completed in the same year as the Peshtigo Fire.    

    True    or    False


4. How much did the 1963 church and rectory cost?


                                    $650,000        $533,000        $605,000        $1,000,000


5. The school enrollment in 1963 was:

                                    725          415          399          250


6. Who says he cut the grass on the church hill the fastest?


                                    Squirrel        Goose        Rabbit         Wiley       Fr. Mike        


7. Fr. Mike had an extra bead added to the rosary on the south wall of the gym to pray for:


                                    a successful sports season         all parishioners who have left   


                                    there isn’t an extra bead            those whose minds wandered       


8. The furnishings for the 1884 & 1963 churches were created by


                                     Johnson Manufacturing                 Doerr Woodworking      


                                     Svoboda Furniture                           Bergers


9. The Holy Rosary School song was written by:


                                      Sr. Barbara Ann     Marilyn Plos     Dorothy Stangel     Jen Heidel

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