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In this time of isolation and confusion, I pray that this webpage will help all of us stay firmly connected to the Lord and stay in touch with each other.

If there is anything that I can do to help you, please call me at 255-3738. May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you, 

Deacon Chuck




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I feel very blessed by all of you who so joyfully contribute your time, talent, and treasure to making Holy Rosary the warm, loving, beautiful community that it is. I am thankful for each and every one of you.



As you can see, we have a new parking lot to the east! It looks so nice! The lack of a step at the back entrance will help make wheeling the Food Pantry carts in and out so much easier – while helping to keep everyone safe.


You may or may not know the story of how we paid for this new lot.


In early 2020, we had several major windstorms which tore off many shingles and caused major leaks in the school. We needed a new roof asap. I asked each of you to contribute towards a square of shingles; you responded very quickly and generously! And while we waited for the roofers to begin, another windstorm caused another shingle to fly off and hit one of the cars. We contacted our insurance company, and through the grace of God, the insurance company paid for a completely new roof!


So I contacted all who had contributed towards the new roof and asked if we could use their contribution toward tuck pointing the north side of the church and removing the abandoned chimney from our old boilers (which was leaking).  You said yes, and this repair was completed – and there was still enough money left over to pay for most of the parking lot! God is amazing!



During one of the major storms the following spring, we had a very large tree split and fall in the cemetery. Miraculously it fell without hitting any of the gravestones! When the tree service came to remove it, we had them also take down the four large, dying pine trees located behind the altar. I felt great relief that these trees were finally gone and could not fall and hurt people or damage gravestones, but it drew even more attention to how the statues and altar were in such a horrible state of disrepair.


Thanks to many hours of work, Rod and Sandi Mushero and Jim Schaller have completely transformed the statues and altar just in time for our Mass next Saturday, Aug 28 at 5:30. I hope you can attend. Bring your lawn chair if you have one; otherwise some chairs will be available.


ENDOWMENT FUND – A Gift for Tomorrow

Our parish was without a much-needed endowment fund. In 2018 the parish opened two accounts: one for the parish, one for the school. Over the past three years, several people have left money to the parish in their will; others have contributed while still living. Any time there has been an unallocated bequest, we have added it to the parish account.


You will be happy to know the current balances are as follows: Church $466,707; School $116,498.    


As a reminder, the way our endowment fund works is that the principal always remains intact and is never touched. Only a percentage of earnings can be used, if necessary.

No one knows what the financial climate will be in the future for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I am sure they will appreciate the supplemental financial support these endowments will provide. If you would like more information on ways to contribute while still living or through your will, please call me (288-3736). No contribution is too small.



We celebrated our 6-year anniversary of Eucharistic Adoration at Holy Rosary Parish on March 17. Over the years, there has been a steady flow of those who come to pray before our Eucharistic Lord. Because of this time spent in Adoration, I believe many graces have flowed out to our parish, school, childcare, Faith Formation, to all our families, and even to those who have left the Church.


In my experience, the first time you come to Adoration, the hour seems very long. If you come back a second time, you start to notice that you feel so much more peaceful throughout the rest of your day. By your next visit, you are hooked! You enjoy spending this quiet time with just Jesus and you.


Some like to read the Bible, pray their rosary, or catch up on spiritual reading. My preference is to just sit there in God’s presence. I place all my cares and concerns with Him there on the altar. I look at Him, and He looks at me – and I feel His peace.


We begin Adoration each Friday immediately following the 9am Mass and end with Divine Praises at 3pm. I hope you can come pray sometime soon, even if only for a few minutes. Thank you to Karen Selner for increasing the awareness of Adoration on Fridays and encouraging attendance.



With the increase in students in our school and childcare, we needed additional space! The Children’s Ministry agreed to share their room and the Knights of Columbus turned over their meeting room. The space outside these two rooms was already available but needed a lot of work. The Knights of Columbus took on this project. A huge thank you to Jim Schaller, Jim Schleis, and Dale Jorgenson for their preparation and painting – and to Luke Joski and his crew who laid down a new floor. It looks spectacular! This will allow the entire childcare to be on the same level.


If you have time, you might want to take a tour of our campus. We have a very beautiful facility, and we are blessed by many committed parishioners who labor to maintain it and constantly make it better. There are so many of you!


A heartfelt thank you for all who worked our Fair Stand, Parish Picnic, funeral luncheons, and Sr. Delores Wisnicky’s 50th Jubilee Celebration. It is great to be able to celebrate together again.


It has been said many times that Holy Rosary is such a friendly parish. May the love of God always be the source of our welcoming spirit. Thank you for all you do to make our parish a happy, holy place to be.


As we begin a new school year, may the good Lord continue to pour out His special blessings on you, your families, and Holy Rosary Parish.


God bless you,



Deacon Chuck


521 Juneau St 

Kewaunee WI 54216

(920) 388-2285


Deacon Chuck's cell: 255-3738

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