Mrs. Kris Stollberg

I am a 1994 graduate of UW-Stout with a degree in Early Childhood Education. As a new graduate, I was thrilled to begin my teaching career at Holy Rosary teaching Pre-School at Holy Rosary Child Care. The following year, I was offered the Kindergarten teaching position.
My thoughts at that time were all about spending a year at Holy Rosary to "get my feet wet". Many years later, I still find myself in this wonderful place. It doesn't take long to realize what a special place Holy Rosary is. Kindergarten has kept me young at heart.
My students' enthuasiasm and joy of learning brighten every day.
I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to bring my own children to Holy Rosary with me. They are now able to receive a quality education and experience the "family feeling" that Holy Rosary has to offer.
If you would like to contact Mrs. Kris Stollberg, please call Holy Rosary School Office at (920) 388-2431 or email
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